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What you do... Defines you
How you train... Defines the outcome...

Pekiti Tirsia is an edged weapons system and thus, must have its root applications based on "No Trade". You must have a safe entry, control of opponents blade, a finishing attack, and safe exit strategy. If all these elements are not mastered, then you are just trading stabs and slashes, and you lose!!!

Keep this as the main thread in your training, and never forget it.

Use only what works and drop the rest.

To develop a combative system all traces of sport must be removed, so we have a built-in process that tests all techniques by putting them through an Applied Practical Application Combative (APAC) scenario.

All techniques must pass a stringent criteria before any can be deemed combat effective, only then can these tactics be included into the APAC Paradigm.

The APAC Protocol integrates a strict adherence to the priority of importance; your safety takes precedence.

Don’t just do drills, and think they are fighting applications. The APAC System uses reality based application tactics that work effectively during full contact, full resistance contact as applied in real combative scenarios.

These scenarios are then applied in class, under the supervision of a certified APAC instructor whose job it is to test the effectiveness of these tactics when applied as practical applications. Only keep what works, and eliminate what doesn't. The tactics that fit the APAC 'No Trade' Paradigm are then integrated into the System, then taught to students enrolled in the APAC Program.

When training, a specific technique must work the same for all students, regardless of size, strength, speed, etc., to develop them into the best, most effective APAC operator.

That is the challenge to a system, to assure that material is passed on to students, and that they become proficient and effective enough to defend against a knife wielding attacker, or multiple attackers. That is the purpose of training; effective results - no more, no less.

Training is the key.

Participants will learn to utilize all of these techniques within the team and/or as a solo response against multiple attackers. Techniques remain easy to learn, remember and employ. Emphasis is placed upon working as an individual or in teams, using force-on-force scenarios under induced high stress conditions.

Proficiency will be accomplished by providing students with a comprehensive reality based course combining limited classroom lecture, demonstration, practical application, non-compliant scenarios and simulation force on force Full Mission Profiles (FMP).

Practice as often as you can, with as many different people as you can. Use sparing as a tool to get the best results out of your training. The more diverse the training, the more prepared you will be. We are training to be ready in the event of a knife attack, and hope it will never happen.

** Remember, if someone attacks you with a knife, he intends to kill you! **

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